Decorate Your Living Room with Wine Bottle Pegs in Melbourne

Living rooms or entertaining areas are the best places to display the collection of your wine bottles. 

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A wine bottle peg gives your living room an alluring look. It is an artful way of representing and storing the collection of your wine bottles at a place. Wines peg can be set on the wall from the floor to ceiling where you can display and store your collection. They are very pliable as these can be fixed inside a cabinet or on the wall. If you are a wine lover, wine bottle pegs in Melbourne are the best way to embellish your premises by giving them a modern look. These wines pegs can be used at home, restaurants, hotels, and many other places to keep each bottle at the perfect angle.

Different Categories of Wine Pegs

There are numerous types of wine pegs that you can choose from:

Wall-mounted: These wine pegs can be easily installed into a wall where you can store your collection at various angles. While buying wall-mounted pegs, you would be given a list of instructions along with it. 

  • Black wine pegs: Black wine pegs hold your bottles of wines firmly and give them a sturdier and artistic look. Your bottles would be secure in these well-built wine pegs. 
  • Acrylic wine pegs: These wine pegs can be matched with the colour of the room. You can choose the finish of your own choice to give your bottles a captivating look. 
  • Metal wine pegs: These wine pegs are similar to the traditional wine pegs. 
  • 3-bottle wine pegs:  Do you want wine pegs in which you can store more than one bottle of wine? Three bottles of wine pegs are appropriate for maximizing storage capacity. 

Installation and Spacing Guidance

While buying wine pegs to store and decorate the wine bottles, you get the instructions along with it. Following these instructions during the process of installation is essential. Most of the wine pegs are set into the wall where these can lift the weight easily. Moreover, while setting the bottles, try to put the same colour bottles in the same row or column.

Need Assistance?

If you face any difficulty, you can call our customer care representatives for assistance. Experts at Wine Rack Factory will guide you through the whole process and help set up your wine pegs conveniently.